class ploomber.DAGConfigurator(d=None)

An object to customize DAG behavior

Note: this API is experimental an subject to change

To keep the DAG API clean, only the most important parameters are included in the constructor, the rest are accesible via a DAGConfigurator object

Available parameters:

outdated_by_code: whether source code differences make a task outdated cache_rendered_status: keep results from dag.render() whenever are needed again (e.g. when calling or compute it again every time.

cache_rendered_status: If True, once the DAG is rendered, subsequent calls to render will not do anything (rendering is implicitely called in build, plot, status), otherwise it will always render again.

hot_reload: Reload sources whenever they are updated


>>> from ploomber import DAGConfigurator
>>> configurator = DAGConfigurator()
>>> configurator.params.outdated_by_code = True
>>> configurator.params.cache_rendered_status = False
>>> configurator.params.hot_reload = True
>>> dag = configurator.create()


create(*args, **kwargs)

Return a DAG with the given parameters

create(*args, **kwargs)

Return a DAG with the given parameters

*args, **kwargs

Parameters to pass to the DAG constructor