Cloud User Guide

Note: Ploomber Cloud is in beta

Community Plan

The free Community Plan has some limitations:

  1. Limited to 50 pipeline tasks daily

  2. No custom resources (all tasks executed with 2 vCPUs and 4 GiB of RAM)

If you wish to remove the daily limit and request custom resources, you may switch to the Teams Plan.

Hosted JupyterLab

You can submit pipelines from your laptop to Ploomber Cloud, or you may use the hosted JupyterLab.:

  1. Click on Sign In

  2. In the username field, enter your email address but replace @ for -at-. For example becomes

Note: We’re constantly improving Ploomber Cloud; ensure you’re running the latest version for the best experience:

pip install ploomber --upgrade

Then set your key:

ploomber cloud set-key {your-key}


To add dependencies required by your pipeline, create a requirements.lock.txt file. For example:


The first time you submit a pipeline to Ploomber Cloud it’ll take a few minutes since it has to build a Docker image from scratch, subsequent Docker builds will be a lot faster since we’ll cache your image.

Custom task resources

To request custom resources for a task, add a cloud.yaml file, with the following format:

    vcpus: {number}
    memory: {number} # MiB
    gpu: {number}

For example, if we want the task fit to request 8 vcpus and 32GB of RAM:

    vcpus: 8
    memory: 32768 # 32 * 1024 = 32768

Note: Custom resources are not available in the community plan.